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Facebook vrea să te loghezi anonim pe platformă


Facebook vrea să implementeze rețeaua TOR (The Onion Router) și Orbot proxy pentru a te putea loga pe facebook ca anonim.

Acestea ar putea fi posibile doar de pe Mobile Facebook.

The new feature builds on a previous collaboration that let Facebook users directly access its site via the Tor browser on personal computers. Facebook attributed the decision to provide additional Tor support to the response from a „sizeable community” around the PC feature, which was launched in 2014.

In a blog post, Facebook said that launching a dot-onion address „increased the security of Tor connections to Facebook by eliminating the steps that required traffic to travel beyond the cryptographic assurances provided by the Tor network.” That feature, however, could only be accessed from Tor-enabled browsers and not directly from the Facebook mobile app.

Sunt de acord că Facebook are prea mult acces la datele noastre însă tot noi am dat acest acces către ei. Nu prea ma încântă ideea de anonim. Asta ar înseamna ca oricine care stă incognito să îmi poată accesa informațiile, ce scriu, ce postez, etc.

Poate sunt eu prea sceptic dar mie îmi cam dă senzația de spionaj toată chestia asta. Oricine poate urmări pe oricine fără să știi asta.

Analiștii oricum sunt de altă părere:

We contacted Tom Raftery, an analyst with UK-based RedMonk, to get his take on the move to bring Tor to the Android Facebook app. Raftery classified it as a canny move on Facebook’s part.

„They have seen the winds of change are blowing towards an increased appetite for privacy and anonymity online, and they are skating to where the puck is headed,” says Raftery. „This is also a very important move for Facebook users in countries where social media use is monitored and censored – this will allow them access to the social network without fear of repercussions.”

Facebook users with Android devices will be able to access the social network via Tor directly from the app, probably sometime this week, Facebook said. The company will be soliciting feedback from users once they get the new feature.

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