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Lego Star Wars

Star Wars a fost mereu o chestie de notorietate, datorită milioanelor de fani din întreaga lume, seria filmelor a produs inevitabil și tot felul de replici amuzante, jucării și mai nou un joculeț Lego care parodiază filmul.

The game will mostly cover the events of the film, though Warner Bros. also says that it will explore the time between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens to lend insight into some of the characters. It’ll also include some new features, like a “Multi-Build” system that grants multiple options when building Lego devices in the game and space dogfighting segments.

The Lego Star Wars video game series has been a big hit for Warner Bros. More than 33 million games have been sold in the franchise’s 10-year history, though that number will certainly get a huge boost once the new game arrives. The Force Awakens pretty much prints money.


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